Chennai’s rapid urbanization has encroached on the city’s natural landscape, reducing water retention capacity, which makes the city vulnerable to widespread flooding. Frequent floods in recent years have destroyed property and livelihoods. The ADB-funded project interventions are helping the city reduce the vulnerability of Chennai-Kosasthalaiyar basin residents to frequent floods. The ADB project is helping build flood protection infrastructure, including stormwater drains, improving water channels to enhance water-carrying capacity, and installing pumping stations. It is also constructing catchpits in roadside drains to recharge the groundwater aquifer and rehabilitate four disaster relief camps. Besides, the project is helping strengthen the capacity of the Greater Chennai Corporation and the communities for better preparedness planning to transform Chennai into a more livable city. The innovative designs and interventions for climate-resilient flood management promoted by the project, with integrated urban planning and enhanced municipal resource mobilization, can be widely replicated for other Indian cities vulnerable to climate and disaster risks.