Session Overview

The CDRI Fellowship Programme was launched in September 2020 with a vision to develop a global multi-disciplinary pool of professionals who will help shape a resilient future for global infrastructure systems. A 12-month seed grant, the CDRI Fellowship provides financial support as well as peer learning and capacity development opportunities to foster transformative, actionable and scalable solutions for real world issues related to disaster resilience of infrastructure.

Cohort 2021-22 of CDRI Fellows, comprising teams from Afghanistan, Australia, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States of America, have completed their Fellowship. Cohort 2022-23, comprising teams from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Chile, India, Japan, Peru, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and United States of America, are on track with their projects. A rich range of potential solutions and knowledge products addressing diverse geographical, socio-political and hazard contexts have emerged from the two Cohorts. Solutions include web-based apps, risk assessment frameworks, early warning systems, decision support systems, and simulations/models employing machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) etc.

The theme for the third edition (2023-24) of the Fellowship is Inclusive and Resilient Infrastructure amid Global Transitions. Winning proposals submitted for Cohort 2023-24 have been selected through a rigorous three-tiered review system; the awardees will be announced at ICDRI 2023.

Session Objectives

-Update on the Fellowship Programme including a showcase on Cohort 2022-23 of CDRI Fellows -Perspective sharing by CDRI Fellows from Cohorts 2021-22 and 2022-23 -Reflections from International Jury on the Fellowship Programme -Announcement of CDRI Fellowship 2023-24 awardees